All You Need to Know Before Going for Dental Crowns Near You

All You Need to Know Before Going for Dental Crowns Near You

Feb 01, 2023

Dental crowns are a great solution to repair cracked or broken teeth. They protect the damaged teeth by reinforcing them. The dentist uses premium quality porcelain dental caps to immediate the nearby teeth. Around 15 million people in the U.S.A. get dental bridges or teeth crowns replacement. Let us discover several things you should know before receiving a dental crown.

Can a Crown Replace a Whole Tooth?

A dental crown is a dental cap that masks the original tooth fully. It can be made using porcelain-fused-to-metal ceramic or metal.

Do You Need an X-ray Before a Crown?

Yes. The dentist will use X-ray technology to find your tooth condition and discover the underlying issues that might affect the treatment.

Is Getting a Crown a Painful Procedure?

No. Before the dentist performs the process, he/she will numb the tooth and the nearby gum tissues using anesthesia. But, once the effects fade away, you will experience a certain amount of sensitivity and discomfort.

How Many Injections Do You Need for a Crown?

It takes just a single injection to numb the area to be treated.

How Much Tooth Trim Do You Need for a Crown?

In most cases, the dentist needs a minimum of 2 mm tooth structure for the crown placement. It means at least one-quarter of the visible part of the tooth is healthy enough to support the crown.

Can You Do a Crown Without a Root Canal?

The patient does not always require root canal therapy before receiving a dental cap. A root canal treatment is essential when the inside of the tooth is not compromised.

How Long Does it Take to Put a Crown on the Tooth?

Usually, it takes around 20 or 30 minutes to finish the crown procedure.

How Long Do Crowns Last on Teeth?

On average, a dental crown has durability between 10-30 years when the patient well maintains and cares for it. What dental cap you get and its placement in your mouth plays an essential role to determine its durability.

Can I Eat Before Getting a Crown?

Since the procedure involves no numbing, you can drink and eat normally before receiving a crown.

Are Crowns Worth the Money?

Yes. Dental caps are worth getting when you have seriously damaged or worn-out teeth.

What Age Do People Get Crowns?

The dentist recommends dental crowns in Etobicoke, ON to people of 18 years and above.

What Causes the Crowns to Fail?

For the most part, dental caps can fail due to two technical errors. The first error includes cementation, fit, and bonding of build-up, crown, or post. The second technical error incorporates the wrong crown type chosen for the bite or occlusion.

How Many Crowns Will a Dentist Do at Once?

If you need CEREC dental crowns, the dentist will help you get two or multiple teeth capped in one appointment.

Can Crowns Be Done in One Visit?

Yes. Unlike traditional porcelain crowns that take two to three visits for installation, you can get a same-day crown in just a few hours.

What Are the Disadvantages of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns have the following disadvantages:

Tooth Nerve Damage

If the tooth is filed too thin, it increases the chance of nerve damage. The dentist usually recommends a root canal treatment. The professional will thoroughly evaluate your tooth to find if it can support the crown before filing.

Require Further Tooth Repair

When the crown placement is incorrect, it creates other issues like TMJ, infection, or tooth decay.

Sensitivity in the Tooth

If the crown is too abrasive, it can damage other teeth. It can also lead to wear and tear on the surrounding teeth. This finally leads to tooth sensitivity or even damage.


Another disadvantage of dental caps is that dental caps can be costly. On average, you can expect to pay around $1000 for each crown. The actual cost will usually depend on several factors – the procedure used, crown types, etc. Moreover, several dental insurance providers cover some of the prices of a dental crown.

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