Dental Veneers Give You a Perfect Smile in Just One Visit

Dental Veneers Give You a Perfect Smile in Just One Visit

Jun 01, 2023

Almost anyone desires to show off a perfect smile. But, dental flaws such as crooked teeth, cracks, spaces between teeth, and chips can dull the shine of your smile. Before you know it, your confidence levels plummet, and you can no longer interact with your friends as you wish. The good thing is that our cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke offers veneers to help bring the shine back to your smile.

With dental veneers, our dentist can help rectify a plethora of cosmetic dental flaws in a heartbeat since they are easy to fix and are loaded with benefits.

A Snippet of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are versatile and effective and may seem like they were invented just a few years ago. However, veneers were invented back in the 1920s when movie stars used them. They were worn only on set and removed immediately after the performer got off stage. But with the ever-advancing technology, we can now make dental veneers in Etobicoke, ON, a permanent solution.

Veneers have evolved so much since their invention that they are now more life-like. They are mostly crafted using porcelain, which is an excellent material, especially when mimicking the human tooth’s color, sheen, and texture.

They are tooth-shaped shells placed over flawed teeth to conceal dental flaws. Unlike tooth crowns, veneers aren’t used to cover the entire tooth, only your tooth’s front surface.

However, they are similar to dental crowns since the procedure is permanent. Veneers cannot be placed on your teeth without prepping them because they will be bulky and uncomfortable. So, you must make peace with the fact that our dentist has to chisel away some of the enamel.

As you know, enamel never grows back; therefore, when you choose this route, know there’s no turning back.

In most cases, people go for one of the two main types of dental veneers, which are:

  • Composite veneers. These are also referred to as direct veneers since they are placed in a single dental visit. They are made from composite resin and are much thinner than porcelain veneers.
  • Porcelain veneers. These are indirect veneers since you need two visits to revamp your teeth. They are highly customizable and can suit your teeth much better than composite veneers. They are sturdier, have better aesthetics, and are stain resistant.

When Are Dental Veneers the Best Choice?

Dental veneers can virtually alter any smile. But there are scenarios where they are your best bet. You can go for them if you wish to:

  • Revamp the appearance of severely stained teeth
  • Cover chips and cracks
  • Straighten slightly crooked teeth
  • Close small gaps between teeth

Conversely, you should look for another option if you have the following issues:

  • You have advanced gum disease
  • You have tooth caries
  • You habitually grind your teeth
  • You have severe malocclusion

How Are Dental Veneers Fixed?

First, you must talk to our dentist to explain what you desire. Second, our dentist will examine your teeth to see if you are eligible for treatment. If our dentist examines your teeth and finds out that you can undergo the procedure, then expect the following:

  • In most cases, local anesthesia will not be necessary. However, if you have sensitive teeth, our dentist will have no choice but to numb the area
  • Next, our dentist will clean your teeth and then use a shade guide to get the right shade that will match your teeth
  • Our dentist will proceed b prepping your teeth. This will involve filing down some of the enamel to create some space for your veneers
  • After filing your tooth, our dentist will then take your dental impressions and place a temporary veneer
  • During your next visit, our dentist will clean your teeth using water and pumice
  • Then, our dentist will etch and clean your veneers
  • Your teeth will be roughened to make it easier for the veneers to be attached. A special cement will be placed over the veneers; then our dentist will bond them to your teeth
  • The next step will be to cure the cement under a special light
  • After it cures, our dentist will remove the excess cement
  • Lastly, the veneers will be polished to give them a natural sheen, which makes them blend with the rest of your teeth

The Takeaway

Veneers will alter your smile in a heartbeat, especially if you go for composite veneers. The versatility of dental veneers can help you correct several dental issues at once. However, you will need to care for your veneer teeth if you desire to have a gorgeous smile for many years.

We are here for you, so contact our cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke at Regency Dental Centre, to schedule an appointment.