What Are the Benefits of Intraoral Cameras In Dentistry?

What Are the Benefits of Intraoral Cameras In Dentistry?

Nov 01, 2022

Advances in dentistry have ushered various products to suit patients. The innovations help dentists near you provide quality services to patients to improve the standard of care. Manufacturers of innovative products are constantly pushing boundaries to bring technologically advanced products on the market. One revolution dentistry advances have ushered is an intraoral camera.

Intraoral Camera Explained

Intraoral cameras for dentistry are tools dentists believe are adequate to communicate and educate their patients. These devices are typically digital cameras enabling dentists to capture images from the challenging-to-reach areas of the mouth. The camera is used inside the mouth to capture digital images from within. Intraoral cameras are effective devices to detect dental problems hidden even in the crevices and problematic areas of the mouth.

The camera resembles a pen, and when the dentist moves it in the mouth, the device enables the professional to view enlarged images of gum conditions, tooth surfaces, and intricate details of tissues, cavities, et cetera that remain invisible to the naked eye. An intraoral camera doesn’t cause pain or stress to the patient because it has zero side effects. The device helps the dentist capture images and videos of corroded or damaged fillings, hairline fractures, bleeding gums, dental plaque, and many other critical tooth problems in real time when the patient is comfortably seated in the dentist’s chair.

Dental cameras existed even before the discovery of intraoral cameras. Many dentists use extraoral cameras even to this day, which makes many people wonder what advantage an intraoral camera provides over this device. However, intraoral cameras deliver excellent images while going inside the mouth to capture them.

Intraoral cameras are faster than their counterparts, the extraoral devices. In addition, the images captured by intraoral cameras are instantly visible on a computer screen without significant adjustments from the professional because intraoral cameras are designed to work automatically, helping save time and money for the patient and dentist.

Benefits of Intraoral Cameras in Dentistry

Fear of pain is the most significant reason for dental anxiety among patients. Dental therapies are painful and require multiple appointments if the patient has a severe issue. However, when patients with advanced tooth decay or dental conditions get the issue detected early by the dentist using intraoral cameras in Etobicoke, ON, the treatments advised by the dentist are generally less invasive or time-consuming. Intraoral cameras help dentists detect problems early to ensure patients receive treatment before the issue requires intensive and painful treatments.

Intraoral cameras are not merely to view pictures of the patient’s mouth for a diagnosis. The camera also serves as an educational tool for patients because dentists don’t have to explain what’s wrong with their mouths or the reasons why a specific treatment is recommended by the dentist. Instead, the clear understanding between the patient and the dentist provided by the intraoral camera educates the patient by delivering accurate images of the condition in their mouth to ensure they receive faster treatments quicker.

Intraoral cameras improve the accuracy of the advised treatment because the device is loaded with futuristic technological features. For example, the head of the intraoral camera rotates from 0 to 90° with LED lighting to help dentists diagnose dental problems accurately to advise treatment. In addition, the camera has powerful magnifying abilities to help track challenging to find issues like dental pulp exposure, vertical fractures, et cetera. The earlier diagnosis was usually based on conventional microscopes that could not deliver accurate images. In addition, dentists and patients can discuss the issue in the patient’s mouth and develop a better understanding of the treatment needed.

Intraoral cameras help document a patient’s case for future reference allowing dentists to maintain accurate records of the patient’s diagnosis and file them in the patient’s casebook. Dentists can look at the descriptions, images and videos to see if the patient needs any similar treatment later.

The world of dentistry revolutionized itself with the introduction of intraoral cameras. These devices have made dentists diagnose conditions accurately to make patients accept the treatment they advise. Intraoral cameras are optimal tools for dentists, helping them show live images and videos of problems in the patient’s mouth to educate them about the dental problem. Dentists globally are accepting intraoral cameras to benefit patients and themselves to enhance their credibility as professionals with the most updated technology in their possession to treat patients.

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